To celebrate the support we’ve received to finish Chocolate Milk: The Documentary, we're making the film available to 200 organizations across the country during National Breastfeeding Month in 2019. For organizations interested in hosting a private community screening we’ve compiled the answers to some of our most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:


Q1. Is there a fee to screen Chocolate Milk: The Documentary?

A: No, we're making the film available to organizations for free during National Breastfeeding Month in 2019! This is a gesture to thank the breastfeeding community for their support over the past years. In keeping with that spirit, we request that audiences not be charged for tickets or admission.

Q2. How long is the film?

A: We're working to make the film 90 minutes in length...but there's a possibility it may run longer. We recommend adding a 15 minute buffer to your schedule.

Q3. What's the benefit of participating?

A: Chocolate Milk uses narrative storytelling to encourage black women to breastfeed and educate mothers about the different challenges they may face, as well as the variety of support options available, from WIC clinics to lactation experts. By following the narratives of three women we hope to illustrate how even though our stories may be different, we all share the same journey. Chocolate Milk aligns with the mission and goals of many breastfeeding organizations by promoting the normalization of breastfeeding and motivating community members to become allies. Organizations looking for ways to celebrate and promote National Breastfeeding Month will benefit from the opportunity to include a new breastfeeding documentary to their event schedule. Not only will Chocolate Milk engage audiences and spark much needed discussion, it's a way to include family and friends in the conversation.

Q4. Are there requirements to hosting a screening?

A: Organizations and individuals interested in hosting a screening must have an active email address, a venue, internet streaming capabilities, and provide free admission for all community members.

Q5. Where can we host a screening?

A: Almost anywhere! Auditoriums, libraries, office spaces, conference rooms, theaters, laser tag centers are all fine for screenings. We have yet to hear of a venue where we wouldn't want Chocolate Milk screened.

Q6. What if someone else is hosting a screening near me?

A: We encourage as many screenings within the same region as you'd like or you can partner with other organizations to have just one. Sharing resources with your local breastfeeding community is a great way to set up future collaborations, be they events, fundraisers, or local initiatives. Just keep us posted if you decide to collaborate so we can track the organizations involved. Whatever you choose, our main goal is to get the film out to as many community members as possible!

Q7. If we can't sell tickets, how do we cover expenses?

A: Because we're providing the film for free, we ask that audiences not be charged a price of admission. However, we do encourage seeking sponsors and in-kind donations to cover any costs you may incur. We'll be sending out a tip sheet covering best practices for finding sponsors, securing event spaces, and hosting a screening in the coming weeks. But please remember, the event doesn't have to be big. Even screening the film for your regular support group or breastfeeding circle is a win for everyone!

Q8. Is it okay to screen the film for just my staff and colleagues?

A: Yes, there are multiple audiences for Chocolate Milk! While our primary target audience is African American women, our secondary audience includes partners, relatives, friends, employers and most importantly, health providers. Screening the film to an audience of health professionals, staff or colleagues is perfectly fine and encouraged

Q9. Can I watch it on DVD?

A: DVDs wonts be available until a later date. Chocolate Milk: the Documentary will only be available this year, 2019, during August as a semi-theatrical release via community screenings with participating nonprofit organizations. After that, the film will pursue more traditional platforms, starting with film festivals, broadcast, video on-demand and finally DVD and Blu-ray. So this is a special one time offer to preview the film and contribute feedback. In addition to making the film available for free, we’re offering organizations the opportunity to contribute to the film by conducting audience surveys in conjunction with their screening. We will take the feedback from these audience surveys to improve the final film.