CHOCOLATE MILK: THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES is a collection of over 40 testimonials recorded by filmmaker and public health advocate Elizabeth Bayne from mothers and health providers about their experiences or personal journeys with breastfeeding. Developed to increase normalcy around breastfeeding within the African American community, we want mothers to see breastfeeding and breast milk as normal and as more important and beneficial than artificial baby milk. Our primary audience includes black mothers who are considering breastfeeding and seeking moral support or inspiration. And our secondary audience includes partners, families and communities that influence a mother’s ability to sustain exclusive breastfeeding. Order a DVD



Chocolate Milk would not have been able to continue without our donors! Support from these generous individuals and organizations allowed the series to travel to document breastfeeding stories from mothers across the country, as well as initiate filming for the feature film.

Deborah Griffiths

Rebecca Costello

Theodore Jones

Dorothy Bourgeois de Apodaca

Devon Miller

Kiddada Green

Kajsa Brimdyr

Chantal Molnar

Margaret McCann

Jasmine Sims

National Medical Association (NMA)

Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE)

Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA)